Túlio Pinto, 41° 23' 20'' N 2° 10' 34'’ E and 41° 25' 21'' N 2° 12' 32'’ E: Three Times

Off projects. From 14 Nov, 2018 to 05 Dec, 2018

LAB 36 of galeria SENDA presents the Brazilian artist Túlio Pinto who for the first time will show in Barcelona his characteristics installations in which he investigate the balance of the unstable.

Opening:14 Nov, 2018

Professional visitors:14 Nov, 2018

Opening to public:14 Nov, 2018

Artist/s involved:
  • Túlio Pinto


The exhibition “41° 23′ 20” N 2° 10′ 34’’ E and 41° 25′ 21” N 2° 12′ 32’’ E: Three Times” by Túlio Pinto is the fruit of an intense artistic relationship he established in Barcelona during the four months he spent in the Catalan capital.

The project will be divided into three exhibitions in different galleries and periods of time. His first two exhibitions will be shown between LAB 36 of galeria SENDA and the Piramidón, Centre d’Art Contemporani.

At the Piramidon, where he made an art residence program in the summer of 2018, will be presented a sculptural installation that remits to spatial drawing concept. At the same time, at LAB 36 of galeria SENDA will expose the video Unicórnio which encompasses one of the recurring themes in his investigation, the impermanence in the sculptural language, as well as, sculptures in iron and blowing glass. The third exhibition of the project will take place at galeria SENDA, during the summer of 2019 with the presentation of a big scale installation created for the architectonic space of the gallery.

Túlio Pinto develops his artistic research through the force of opposites, generating tensions that challenge the physical laws as gravity while remaining in perfect balance. This harmony is achieved through the perfect weighting of the masses, volume and density of materials of opposite natures and behaviours such as cement, iron, rock, glass, plastic and water.


“This is how he feels and translates the pulsation of the world of things to be reflected (also) in the world of human relations. An ambiguous game, which, in a first reading may seem circumscribed to the formal combinations that were born from the Brazilian constructivist inheritance or the international minimalism. A second analysis, though, brings the perception that, beyond tradition (which the artist makes reference to and competently and rigorously expands), there is a consistent authorial poetics, which subverts the already established. It indicates urgencies that remain current: the shifting and utopic territory of harmony among opposition”.

Angélica de Moraes (Conjugação de Forças, 2016)


The architectural space is closely related to the development of his installations. Pinto takes advantage of the space and appropriates the elements that constitute it. “I am much more a transmission vehicle than a traditional sculptor as I increase in a new impulse the forces present in the objects, putting in evidence these approximations an/or cancellations that are generated” as the artist explain.


TÚLIO PINTO                                                         

Born in Brasilia, Brasil in 1974.

Formed in Fine Arts focused in sculpture at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2009. Among his main exhibitions we can emphasise Nova Escultura Brasileira at La Caixa Cultura RJ in 2011, Brasil; Ground at Baró gallery in 2013, Brasil; The Vancouver Biennale in 2014, Canada; Onloaded at Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art in 2015, United States; among others.

His work is part of public collections as:

Institute Figueiredo Ferraz (Ribeirão Preto, Brasil); Ca.Sa Collection (Santiago – Chile); Phoenix Collection (Phoenix, Arizona-USA); Contemporary Museum of Paraná (Curitiba, Brasil); Cultural Foundation Itajaí (Itajaí, Brasil); Contemporary Museum of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brasil); National Museum of Brasilia (Brasilia, Brasil); Museum of Art of Ribeirão Preto (Ribeirão Preto, Brasil); Municipal Pinacoteca Aldo Locatelli (Porto Alegre, Brasil).


Túlio Pinto, Unicórnio, 2015 video 9´51”, Superstition Mountains, Phoenix, Arizona, USA