Senda is passionate about creation, it values and supports the talent, risk, and singularity found in young and established artists, both national and international, defending each individual’s value while avoiding closed-minded programs or narrow lines of thought. We believe in the value of diversity and the richness of its multiple languages, and we try to identify singular worlds in which we can be reflected and grow together.

Since 1991, we have been actively working as a gallery, and from now on we are expanding our actions towards other art services. Moreover, we are closely linked to other projects such as LOOP Barcelona, the world reference video art fair; and Talking Galleries, an initiative that promotes debate and discussions towards the development of the art industry.

It is important for us to continue collaborating with artists that trust our work and participate as well as support their creative process so that new projects come to light, inside or outside the gallery space and to equally serve as support to institutions or third parties with their artistic endeavors.

Galeria Senda is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and adopting sustainable practices for the environmental betterment of the art sector. 


Trafalgar 32
08010 Barcelona
T. +34 934 87 67 59





Carlos Durán
Founder & Director

Chus Roig
Partner & Co-director

Luis Monferrer
Exhibitions Manager & Production



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Senda offers internships for a minimum period of 3 month. Please if you are interested, get in contact with us, send your CV and motivational letter to