Martín Chirino born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. (1925-2019)
Photo Credit: Alfredo Delgado
Martín Chirino López, «the blacksmith of art» is a Spanish sculptor who participated in the collective of artists El Paso, founded in Madrid in 1957. In 2014 he was named academic of honor in the area of sculpture at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. His conceptual, expressive, formal, and material contributions to the XX century are recognized in Spain and internationally. From his first individual exhibit in 1958, the spiral wrought in iron was converted into a consisted and basic element in his metal works. Wind intervenes in geometric and organic rhythms that evoke a re-encounter with the origins and primitive forms, which are created through bands of iron with helical rhythms. Inspired in artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Henry Moore, and Julio González, Chirino uses iron to create austere lines and facial expressions that border with the essential, manifesting his personal language based on synthesis and poetic evocation.