Isabel Rocamora born in 1968 in Barcelona, Spain.
Lives and works in Barcelona and Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Image: Ran Yehezkel
Isabel Rocamora is a British-Spanish filmmaker and photographer whose work originated in performance. She received awards by institutions such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Bluecoat, and the Arts Council in England. She has given classes in universities in Edinburgh and Barcelona; plus during 2012 she directed an extensive workshop program under the British Council at the Middle East and Europe, making her an artist who is recognized internationally. His work has been exhibited, within others, in Italy, Denmark, and Israel, and one can understand it as the performance language of the human gesture. In it, one can observe the individual and cultural identity. In the recent practice, his interest in ontology of authority has given place to scenes that explore topics such as: one’s own exile, the attachment to territory and landscape, or the ethical consequences of military violence.