Xavi bou was born in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain.
Lives and works in Barcelona.
Xavi Bou became interested in natural sciences at a young age, during walks with his grandfather in the wetlands of the Llobregat Delta. He graduated in Geology from the University of Barcelona and went on to complete his studies in photography. He dedicated 15 years to advertising and fashion photography, which not only helped him to master techniques, but also to acquire the aesthetic sensitivity that would eventually define his particular perspective. After that, he was able to apply this knowledge to his true passion: nature. His most famous project, “Ornithographies”, started in 2015. The fact of showing the beauty of nature in a way never seen before guaranteed it a great reception from the beginning. After being showcased in numerous exhibitions around the world and widely disseminated in prestigious international publications, this year it also became reflected in a homonymous book published by Lynx Edicions. The ornithographies reveal what escapes human perception: the invisible patterns traced by birds in the sky when they fly. Although aesthetics initially played a fundamental role in the project, throughout these eight years of trajectory the importance of the scientific aspect has increased, as a result of collaborations with specialists and the growth of the dissemination. In the words of the author, “It’s the balance between art and science: a project of naturalistic discovery and, at the same time, an exercise in visual poetry”. Currently, Xavi Bou has initiatives underway that explore other resources, such as video, and other study subjects, such as insects. Therefore, the raw material of his work continues to be nature, and the challenge is to show it in an innovative and aesthetic way that helps the public get closer to art and, above all, raises environmental awareness.