Where is the black beast? International film festival Rotterdam

Gallery, 1 January, 2011


The internatioanl film festival Rotterdam,one of the five most important festivals in Europe, with Cannes, Venecia, Berlin and Lorcano will take place in the city from January the 26th to February the 6th, 2011.

The film Where is the black beast? by Simon Lee and Algis Kizys,which is in the festival, becomes into the a filmic interpretation of Ted Hughes’ poetry, using only discarded photographs. With music by Algis Kizys.

This darkly enchanting film offers an interpretation of Crow, by post-war/pre-flower power poet Ted Hughes. It is made from animating hundreds of photographs, all amateur snapshots found in flea markets and junk shops. Lee digs beneath their innocent, familiar surfaces to reveal an extremely dark view of the world and of humanity.