Special event "Soundtrack para Robert Mapplethorpe" por Javier Panera

Gallery, 16 September, 2023


On the occasion of the inauguration of Robert Mapplethorpe Hunted Obsession, “Soundtrack for Robert Mapplethorpe” will be performed, a musical session and performance by Javier Panera*. This event will discuss Robert Mapplethorpe’s relationship with some of the most important musicians of the 20th century, whom he portrayed on the covers of his albums. Panera will immerse us in the atmosphere of New York in the 60s and 70s through the commentary on these covers while its songs will serve as the soundtrack of the exhibition.

*Researcher in audiovisual culture and relationships between visual arts and pop music, professor at the University of Salamanca and former director of DA2 of Salamanca
Patti Smith, Horses 1975 – All Mapplethorpe Images © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Scissors Sisters, Night Work 2010 – All Mapplethorpe Images © Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation
Sountrack to Robert Mapplethorpe by Javier Panera