SENDA recommends: LAIA NOAL "Poetics of deconstruction" in Lab36

Gallery, 13 January, 2023


LAB36 opens its 2023 exhibition calendar with two artistic proposals that have a common concept: thinking and building the landscape. Thus, in this first part of the year, LAB36 presents “Poètiques de la Destrucción” by Laia Noal, the winner of the Nasevo 2021 award from the Ernesto Ventós Foundation , and “Paradis Artificial” by Jordi Gispert Pi.

On the occasion of “Poètiques de la Destrucción”, Jordi Garrido, historian and art critic,
has produced a text that reflects on the work of Laia Noal, introducing us to her artistic project and the exhibition.

Laia Noal proposes a multisensory approach to the landscape, juxtaposing elements, decontextualizing them and isolating them to highlight the degradation that we can cause in nature” – Jordi Garrido

The full text is available on the LAB36 website: