Miralda presents the artist book El Internacional at CaixaForum

Artist, 17 December, 2016


The catalan artist will officially present his new publication “El Internacional (1984 – 1986): New York’s Archaeological Sandwich” at CaixaForum Barcelona on Wednesday, December 14th.


Miralda recieved the Artist’s award from La Caixa’s Fundación Arte y Mecenazgo in 2015. 20,000 € of the endowment has gone towards editing and publishing book, recently brought to light.


Just as this book is no ordinary one, the restaurant was nothing ordinary either. It was considered an experimental and innovative space, a fusion of gastronomy with performances, installations, and other artistic showings. El Internacional became an emblematic place of cosmopolitan life in New York in the 80’s. Not only was it able to restore the tapas concept in the city, something unknown in the United States culinary culture during that time; but it was also a meeting point to merge art with the rituals of food.


The “artist’s book” goes over the history of the restaurant and weaves through some of the most relevant moments that took place there, thanks to the testimonials shared by those who frequented the restaurant. Besides the recipes, menus, and memories, the book illustrates the urban history of a city that is constantly evolving, and the history and concept of El Internacional Tapas Bar & Restaurant, a social and artistic experiment that left an imprint in TriBeCa neighborhood in New York.