LOOP 2010: Barcelona becomes the international capital of Video Art

Gallery, 20 May, 2010


Video Art Fair LOOP will open its doors on May 20th. Senda Gallery and Vanguardia Gallery, in Bilbao, will present the video entitled Frontera by Anna Malagrida (video loop, 6’ 25”, 2009).

Malagrida chooses an ancient line between Spain and France, a scene of numerous battles, to reflect the experience of the past and the present.

Through the appearance and disappearance of a red smoke in a spring landscape, ideas about bounderies, temporality and collective memories are taken up again. These collective memories are seemingly forgotten, because the who could remember them are not alive anymore.

On the other hand, Espai 2NOU2, will exhibit the video-installation Canciones para mi mochila: La herencia que me dejaron mis hermanos al caer (2009) by Rodolfo Peraza.

In this work Peraza analyzes hymns of the period of the Spanish Franco-dicatatorship and points out the control and contamination of the human population by totalitarian regimes.