La Rambla: As seen by Jordi Bernadó and Massimo Vitali, at the Arts Santa Mònica

Gallery, 21 April, 2010


The photographers Jordi Bernadó (Lleida, 1966) and Massimo Vitali (Como, 1944) present a new project that pretends to do a portrait of Barcelona through one of the most emblematic public spaces of this city, la Rambla.

Each photographer, faithful to their visual poetry, present their personal vision of la Rambla, two faces, two profiles, two ways to view this place. Bernadó gets inside the buildings of la Rambla and takes purified images contained in hiden places. Vitali portraits the public and cosmopolitan side of la Rambla with panoramic views that capture the crowd in the urban space as a scene of the massive turism. This doble photographyc chronicle proposes, from the particularity of la Rambla, a reflection about architecture, urbanism and the transformation of the contemporary city in the new global age.

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