José Pedro Croft, the representative of Portugal in Venice Biennale, will exhibit at Galeria Senda on March 2017

Artist, 25 July, 2016


Critics consider José Pedro Croft one of the renovators in Portuguese sculpture, and one of the most representative figures in the artistic international panorama. He personifies a coherent and constant artistic trajectory, who aside from working with Galeria Senda for more than fifteen years, Croft will have a solo show in the space in Barcelona in March 2017.

Invited by Álvaro Siza, one of the most important names in the architecture field, José Pedro Croft will work together with him in a large project that will begin in the Architecture Biennial in Venice and will culminate in the Arts Biennial in 2017. Although Portugal does not have an official pavilion in any of the Biennials, his project will represent the country for both events.

The Portuguese exhibit is the only one, because it will be installed in the island of Giudecca in Venice, where Siza’s social dwelling project, created in 1985, can be found: Campo di Marte. This project, related with social architecture, was formed by four architects (Aldo Rossi, Arlos Aymonino, Rafael Moneo and Siza himself) and he was never able to complete it because he didn’t have enough funding. Campo di Marte was composed by four buildings that conform an interior patio where José Pedro Croft is in charge of creating a source of dialogue with a space built by these buildings. All of this will take place in the 15th Architecture Biennial, which will be from May 28th until November 27th of this year.

In reference to the 57th Arts Biennial in Venice (from May 13th until November 26th in 2017), Croft also represented Portugal with an installation curated by João Pinharanda, which will create dialogue with Siza’s architecture project. The artist will build a monumental sculpture in the Campo di Marte and it will be made with iron, mirrors and glass, three elements that characterize Croft’s artistic proposal.