Jaume Plensa beyond La Pedrera, Barcelona

Gallery, 29 March, 2023


Today, the work of the Catalan sculptor Jaume Plensa can be seen in numerous places around the world, including the exhibition at La Pedrera in Barcelona (from March 31 to July 23, 2023). However, beyond this exhibition, Plensa’s work is diverse and complex, and deserves a thorough review. In this article, we want to explore his work beyond his current exhibition in Barcelona, and highlight his time in our gallery over the years.

From March 31st, at La Pedrera, you will be able to discover the most intimate and unknown Plensa in an exhibition that, for the first time, reveals the influence that literature, language and the alphabet have had on his work.

Installation of Jaume Plensa’s work at La Pedrera

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to delve into the most particular work of this internationally recognized sculptor. With a career that spans from the end of the 20th century to the present, Jaume Plensa has stood out for his work on the human figure, where he often fuses matter and words or music in a constant dialogue. In this exhibition, curated by Javier Molins, you will be able to appreciate some of the most representative pieces of the artist, as well as his evolution over the years.

Jaume Plensa during the installation of his work at La Pedrera

From Galeria SENDA, having exhibited the sculptor’s work on more than one occasion, we are excited that the city of Barcelona receives it from a so honorable way. We are especially excited to remember his passage through the gallery, which never goes unnoticed.

At the end of 2016, Jaume Plensa held his first exhibition at Galeria SENDA: “El Bosc Blanc“, after 7 years without exhibiting in Barcelona, his hometown. Jaume Plensa presented a work that confronted what is shown with what is hidden, the past with the future, natural construction with man-made creation, and sound vibration with silence.

Vista de la galería, 2016
Vista de la galería, 2016

The exhibition consisted of various sculptures of young and female faces that represented individuality within the social collectivity. The white pieces, Lou, Duna and Isabella, seemed to float on the floor and were complemented by graphite drawings on the wall. Plensa wanted the viewer to connect with the pieces and find their own way through the works placed in the space.

More information in the artist explanatory video:

At the end of 2020, he returned to present a new exhibition “La Llarga Nit” in Galeria SENDA, in which he praised the mysterious night time, capable of inspiring the soul of poets. The works in the exhibition presented sleeping and silent figures, with a lyrical and contemplative dimension. Plensa suggests that, by having to stop the machinery of doing, humanity is putting the machinery of thinking into operation, generating new ways of living in the world. The exhibition included suspended sculptures, works on paper, among other works.

Vista de la galería, 2020
Vista de la galería, 2020

In addition, beyond the exhibitions, Plensa accompanied us on two occasions last year:

The first time she participated together with Javier Molins in a talk that took place in the gallery on the occasion of the presentation of the book “ Artists in the Nazi camps “. In this talk, Plensa and Molins shared their reflections on the work of artists who were victims of the Holocaust and its importance in the history of art.

The second occasion was also in 2022, when he participated in another talk together with the photographer Jean-Marie del Moral and the journalist Marius Carol during the presentation of the book “ Interior, 2022 ” of the publishing house By Publications. They shared their experiences and reflections on art and creativity in today’s world.

However, even further back in time, in 2017, the German sculptor Stephan Balkenhol and Jaume Plensa met They met in the gallery’s mezzanine to talk about “Sculptures and Public Space” in a dialogue about their career and their interest in promoting sculpture as a value for society and culture.

We appreciate having been able to witness Plensa’s unwavering commitment to contemporary art and the opportunity to present his work in a gallery in the same city.

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