Glenda León exhibits "Musica de las formas" at Vigo's MARCO

Artist, 9 June, 2021


On June 18th the MARCO museum of Vigo will have the opening of Glenda León’s “Música de las formas”, which has been commissioned by José Jiménez.

The cuban artist return with a series of works which are representative of the bond between poetry and objects, thus creating a synthesis between visual and sonic worlds. León uses mundane objects and raw materials and she transforms them in a way that reveals their metaphorical power. That way, the works present a sensible look towards what is quotidian. His works transit between spheres of intimacy and openness, manifesting her ability to create new meanings through a process of contextualising, manipulating and associating objects.

In “Música de las formas,” the artist evidenciares music’s influence on her growth, both on a personal and an artistic level, and how interconnected it is to the movement of the stars. José Jiménez mentions Pithagoras to justify this phenomenon to which the latter refers to as the “cosmo’s harmony” as well. León manages to connect the ground with the sky, the mundane and the extraordinary.

Estrellas Masticadas (2015) is a great example of the aforementioned, given that the artist creates celestial bodies by linking together gums that were disposed and stuck to the ground. By doing so she is creating a debate between the mundanity of something so basic as chewing gum and the solemnity of those starts that so many other geniuses had observed in a past.

The exhibit can be seen until October 31st.