Gino Rubert: EL MÓN DE L'ART (Una tragicomèdia) at the Teatroneu.

Artist, 20 May, 2021


Original idea, script, music and actor: Gino Rubert
Costume, Actress and second voice: Estela Martguet Huguet
Duration: 60 minutes

The artist and writer Gino Rubert, who has exhibited at galleries and museums around the world and has published two fictional books, climbs to the stage of the Teatroneu to transform it into a contemporary art gallery, where, in a type of tragicomic catharsis, he draws an incisive and ruthless portrait of the world of art.

“…In The World of Art (a tragicomedy) of Gino Rubet, we find a satirical piece of low budget that bears some relation to his series of paintings The Opening. In fact, the most striking of the function was to discover that this excellent painter who has also published two good books of stories turns out to be a complete showman, capable of interpreting many and various characters, in different languages and various genres, as a multi-vocalist Fregolia. And that he also composes good music, plays it on the piano and sings it in various records, from a nearly blues to a funny horror song called Fata Morgana…

Juan Bufill LA VANGUARDIA  29-3-2021

And we have two special invitations : Richard Clayderman and Prince Charles!

THE WORLD OF ART (A Tragicomedia)
Every Wednesday June at 20:15 at the Teatroneu.

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