Gao Xingjian, two simultaneous exhibitions in Brussels

Artist, 17 April, 2015


Retrospective of Gao Xingjian, prolific author, winner in 2000 of the Nobel prize in Literature, Frenchman of Chinese descent, invites to discover the powerful and poetic work of an extraordinary contemporary artist. His work is devoted to the free exploration of a stream of consciousness through the movement of ink on paper. The awakening of consciousness, is an exhibition including six monumental works by Gao Xingjian, especially created for the room they are displayed in. In his ‘awakenings of consciousness’, the artist invites the wanderer to cross the image and to encounter, beyond the ink, the idea itself in its existential nudity.

Retrospective of Gao Xingjian at Musée d’Ixelles Brussels from February 26th to May 31st. 

The awakening of consciousness at Royal Museums of Fine Arts Brussels from February 26th to February 26th, 2020.

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