Miralda, "The Last Carnival Cruise"

Off projects. From 02 Jun, 2016 to 04 Jun, 2016

Senda presents the premier of the video "The Last Carnival Cruise" of Antoni Miralda, in the 14th edition of the visual arts fairs LOOP Barcelona.

Opening:2 jun, 2016

Professional visitors:2 jun, 2016

Opening to public:2 jun, 2016

Artist/s involved:
  • Antoni Miralda


It is an imaginary journey inspired in the industry of mass tourism, entertainment, the elderly and the concept of a journey with no return. Filmed in super 8 in 1980 in a cruise as part of the unrealised project “By boat, by train and by plane”, the video, recently edited, presents itself as a story of five episodes: Goodbye, Initiation Ritual, Sweets&Enjoyment, Enigma and Uploading.

The video starts with the farewell of the passengers on board, afterwards they join us for a tour on the boat through a processional ritual through the halls, a cake banquet and a dance in the ballroom. To these cheerful and crowded scenes, follow others more silent with the hallways full of luggage that will afterwards be landed by the crew.

Antoni Miralda, Still video "The Last Carnival Cruise", 1980-2016
Antoni Miralda, Still video"The Last Carnival Cruise", 1980-2016
Antoni Miralda, Still video"The Last Carnival Cruise", 1980-2016