MIGUEL ÁNGEL MADRIGAL, La distancia que separa

Space. From 15 Sep, 2021 to 15 Oct, 2021

The absurd is a force that overwhelms us. It interrupts our thoughts, destabilizes our emotions, questions our most deeply rooted beliefs and takes us to a territory where meanings and absolute answers do not exist, where the illogical takes precedence over the rational and where there is no such thing. The absurd is the distance that separates.

Opening:15 Sep, 2021

Opening to public:15 Sep, 2021


In his first exhibition at Senda Gallery, Mexican artist Miguel Angel Madrigal speculates from sculpture about the fragile and thin frontier that separates nature from culture, the order of the Earth from the realm of the human, the eternal and the finite. A border that can be abruptly transgressed in a single moment: a road accident, an illness, a meteorological catastrophe, a sudden death.

Madrigal constructs elements that are in perpetual equilibrium and tension and which can fracture at any moment. These limit situations suggest symbiotic relationships -material and symbolic-, where physical and psychological space unfolds between two objects that challenge gravity and stop time.

In “The distance that separates”, Madrigal objectifies the absurd and transforms it through a series of formal and plastic resources that allude to a careful and studied treatment of the sculptural discipline. From the representation of dogs in absurd situations such as: a dog climbing on a ladder or another dog challenging the balance by being supported by four pool balls that extend over the ground, the artist questions the acts of everyday life from the absurd, in which he draws a tenuous line between the lived and the unlived, the already experienced and the expectations that are recovered in fragments of time contained in experiences and expectations where the improbable becomes real.

Miguel Ángel Madrigal,
Miguel Ángel Madrigal, "Viendo abajo", 2021, talla de madera y esmalte, 47 x 73 x 13 cm
Miguel Ángel Madrigal,
Miguel Ángel Madrigal, "Escalera", 2021, talla de madera y esmalte, 58 x 33 x 24 cm
Miguel Ángel Madrigal,
Miguel Ángel Madrigal, "Banco", 2021, talla de madera y esmalte, 58 x 33 x 24 cm