Intervenciones Urbanas

Off projects. From 12 Feb, 2021 to 12 Mar, 2021

Opening:12 Feb, 2021


INTERVENCIONES URBANAS is a collaborative online exhibition that brings together works by Mina Hamada (USA), Antoni Miralda (Spain), Adrián Balseca (Ecuador), Anna Malagrida (Spain), Ola Kolehmainen (Finland) and Massimo Vitali (Italy).

The selected artists share an interest in thinking about the urban scene, whose works are produced using different techniques that, nevertheless, dialogue with each other to build a narrative. Architecture appears as a central subject in the works of Ola Kolehmainen and Adrian Balseca, highlighting the singularity of the buildings and the creation of tensions with their surroundings. These same walls are transformed into a support for the urban art produced by Mina Hamada’s graffiti, thus integrating art into the urban space.

The city, the stage of our daily life, is the background that builds the visual language of Massimo Vitali, Antoni Miralda and Anna Malagrida. Vitali’s human constellations highlight the subtleties of reality, while Miralda and Malagrida make interventions in the spaces, creating games of oppositions that make us reflect politically and aesthetically on the urban landscape.

Through dialogue, INTERVENCIONES URBANAS builds a symbolic universe in which the personal views of each artist invite us to read the urban space and human relations through a new lens.


Artsy :

San Pietro 1626 I. Ola Kolehmainen.2017
House Of Spiritual Retreat. Ola Kolehmainen. 2012
Ein_Hauch_III. Ola Kolehmainen. 2017
Medio Camino. Adrián Balseca. 2014
Limosa. Mina Hamada. 2017
City Jungle. Mina Hamada. 2015
Firenze (# 4303 #4304). Masismo Vitali. 2011
CEAGESP Sao Paulo #4749. Massimo Vitali.2012
Serie Barcelona_ Ramblas. Massimo Vitali. 2010
Les Invalides, I. Anna Malagrida. 2016
El Limpiador de Cristales. Anna Malagrida. 2010
25 Rue de Renard|28 Rue du Quatre Septembre. Anna Malagrida. Película / Vídeo. 2016
S/T (ref. colmena, el pino). Anna Malagrida. 2002
Acción Champs- Élysées [Soldats Soldés]. Miralda. 1970
Intervención Musée Galliera #1. VI Biennale de Paris [Soldats- Soldés]. Miralda, 1969
Intervención. Musée Galliera, VI Biennale #3 [Soldats Soldés]
Intervención Musée Galliera #1. VI Biennale de Paris [Soldats- Soldés]. Miralda. 1969