Cloud in a Raindrop by Ebru Uygun

Off projects. From 12 Dec, 2017 to 13 Jan, 2018

Ebru Uygun presents her first exhibition in Spain in LAB 36, Cloud in a Raindrop.

Opening:12 Dic, 2017

Professional visitors:12 Dic, 2017

Opening to public:12 Dic, 2017


The well-known Turkish artist expose a set composed by a variety of more that ten works produced this current year. Across an intense and impulsive process, Ebru Uygun remits us the fragmented dreaminess, where the ideas of time, rhythm and liturgical repetition lie.

Ebru Uygun works with four swathes of canvas, first painted and then deconstructed by her hands. She tears the painted material into strips, a performance that becomes physically demanding; once begun she cannot stop. We can easily imagine her working with unfettered abandon, relieved of rules, structures or any traditional painting practice. Uygun also archives the sound of this performance, recording all the audio activity at the studio, from the violent act of tearing of the canvas to the heavy breathing of her toil.

In this way, this pictorial reconstruction creates a not deliberate composition, where the colour fragments change from two to three dimension in a chance of pictorial bas-relief. Her picture becomes sensorial and the surface turn into an textures object which remits us to the techniques of assemblage or collage with threads, strips and pieces of material, hanging from the canvas.

This laborious technique resembles to a ritual process that invades the work of spirituality across artistic and unconscious drives. Through this practice, the artist highlights the evolution of the work process as an emancipation process of the pictorial traditional practice in an act of construction and deconstruction. The appealing fragility of this random composition brings us to the aesthetic knowledge via the poetical meditation.

Ebru Uygun, Cloud in a Raindrop Exhibition view, December 2017
Ebru Uygun, Cloud in a Raindrop Exhibition view, December 2017
Ebru Uygun, Cloud in a Raindrop Exhibition view, December 2017
Ebru Uygun_7
Ebru Uygun, Act 1, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 128 x 84.5 cm
Ebru Uygun, Liberal Imagination, 2017, Mixed media on canvas, 114 x 85.5 cm
Ebru Uygun, White Poetry, 2016, Mixed media on canvas, 88 x 177.5 cm
Ebru Uygun, Now, 2016, Mixed media on canvas, Dimensiones: 156 x 130 cm