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Carla Cascales presents for the first time in the SENDA Gallery Mezzanine a set of sculptures and paintings that configure the beauty of the passage of time entitled Le Temps


The change in the conception of time experienced during the months of confinement has given rise to Carla Cascales Aliumbau’s reflection on the constant self-imposed rush in our society.
The artist recreates a feeling of stopped time, where the absence of color makes all the pieces merge with each other. It is in these instances that what usually goes unnoticed, such as textures, shadows, cracks and subtle movements, take importance.
Diving underwater is one of those moments where time slows down, where there is no room for rush. The series of mobile sculptures, “Posidonias”, is a tribute to that bubble of silence, to the ductile movement of algae, pieces rocked by their own inertia, without exerting resistance, since for the artist the stopped time is not the absence of movement but calm. All the pieces have in common the static fluidity, as if by blinking or looking away they were to continue moving.
The sample also reflects the passage of time, the importance of roots and degradation as a symbol of beauty. In a year in which distant trips were canceled, Carla decided to visit the small Andalusian town where her grandparents were born before emigrating to Barcelona. There again she felt that time retained, without noise, without distractions, walking through the almond groves that her great-grandfather planted years ago and that are still there today.
As a tribute to these roots, most of the works are titled according to fragments of Bodas de Sangre, by García Lorca. It is not by chance that Carla makes reference to this tragedy – a work that is a fusion of pain and joy, which, according to the artist, is not far from how life can sometimes feel.
Carla was fascinated by the connection between the houses of the small Mediterranean fishing villages that she has seen since she was a child and those of the Andalusian countryside, the textures of the whitewashed  and irregular houses that perfectly adapt to their surroundings and that she seeks to evoque in her ceramic sculptures.
Without the calm of present time, without stopping, it is easy to get lost in a jumble of thoughts. This exhibition is a tribute to the time dedicated to knowing one’s own authenticity.
Carla Cascales Aliumbau (1989) was born and currently works in Barcelona. Her work encompasses different media, incluiding drawing, painting and sculpture, which echoes a minimalist aesthetic while it is also influenced by architectural currents such as brutalism, evident in her use of raw materials. Likewise, her fascination for the Japanese aesthetics of the “Wabi Sabi” confers to her work a notion of beauty based on transience and impermanence. Her work process is a constant aesthetic search for the essence of form and the balance of materials, highlighting their irregularities and imperfections in contrast to the austerity of their shapes. She has held individual exhibitions in Madrid, London and New York and artistic installations in institutions such as the Matadero Creation Center in Madrid or La Caixa, ImagineBank in Barcelona. She has carried out art residencies in San Francisco in 2017, Florence in 2018, and Tokyo in 2019.