Anna Malagrida was awarded with the Carte Blanche of the PMU and Centre Pompidou

Artist, 25 January, 2016


After the jury’s deliberation among six finalists, Anna Malagrida received the award on January 20 of this year. In her project, Anna imagines the places “of Paris” as a scenic device in which, from their movement, the characters will become the actors, the reflections of the city mixed with the insides of cafe’s, the decoration; and the words united in the universe of chance, the text.

Through the “Carte Blanche” award, the PMU shows its compromise with contemporary photographic creation, giving carte blanche to the artists so they can take their vision into the universe of chance.

For the seventh edition, the PMU has launched an open call to any professional photographer or artist. The winner will get a prize of 20,000 euros for the realization of an unpublished project, a book from Filigranes publishing and an exhibition in the Photographic Gallery of the Centre Pompideu from September 28th to October 17th 2016.

The Photographic Gallery is an open space of the Centre Pompideu of free entrance and dedicated exclusively to photography. This new gallery of 200 m2 wants to open the richness of the photographic collection of the Centre Pompideu to the public, conformed by more than 40,000 pieces and more than 60,000 negatives.

“Anna Malagrida opens a window to a space that confronts the urban and the human and proposes a sensible interpretation of a social link form that unites behind the windows” Benoît Cornu, Communications Director of the PMU, president of the jury.

The photographer from Barcelona is the winner of the prestigious award given by the PMU and the Centre Pompidou.

The jury 2016

Paula Aisemberg, Director of Red House, Clément Cheroux, curator of the Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre for the industrial creation of Centre Pompidou – Chief of Department of Photography, Diane Dufour, BAL Director, Nicolas Ferrand, collector, Founder of Daily Arte, Valérie Jouve, photographer, Kourtney Roy, winner photographer of the PMU Carte Blanche 2013, Sam Stourdzé, Director of Encuentros de Arles, Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska, curator of the Centre Pompidou – Department of Photography and Benoît Cornu, Communications Director of the PMU, Presidente of the jury.


About Anna Maladriga

She was born in Barcelona in 1970 and works between París and her hometown. She graduated from the National School of Photography of Arles (1996) and from the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona in Communications (1993). Her photographs are literary works. The artist leaves a space for the viewer to react and to interact with his ideas or interpretations. The photographer observes from the outside and guides us inside those spaces. Malagrida allows us to penetrate the intimacy of the life of her models and puts us in a voyeur position, one who watches without being seen.

Anna Malagrida, Rue Bleue, 2008
Anna Malagrida, Rue Bleue, 2008
Anna Malagrida, Untitled (Fachada II), 2002
Anna Malagrida, Untitled (Fachada II), 2002