2nd International NASEVO Prize, "The artist essence"

Off projects. From 03 Sep, 2020 to

LAB 36 presents an itinerary of the winning and finalist projects of the second International NASEVO Prize.


Lab36 exhibits the finalist projects of the II NASEVO International Prize organized by the Ernesto Ventós Foundation. The theme of this edition is the nose and the sense of smell presented by the collage technique. The purpose of this contest is to allow younger artists to show their creations without losing the foundation’s philosophy and values: “Learning to smell through art.”

The winner was the work Horizonte y olfato: eclosión geográfica de un espacio y tiempo silenciado, by Marta de los Pájaros. The artist recreates the universal smell of Gaea (considered Mother Earth in Greek mythology), and that metaphorically represents the smell of humanity. The work raises a reflection on the philosophical disaffection that the western tradition has developed concerning smell.

The Ernesto Ventós Foundation is a family project, full of enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility, arising from the need to share with society through art and the olfactory world, part of what it has given us.

The Foundation was formally created in 2019, but its activities aimed at sharing art from an olfactory perspective already existed in 1996 with the olorVISUAL collection and with NASEVO in 2003.