Adrián Balseca, participates in Ecuador: The center of the world (and a little beyond)

Artist, 28 June, 2016


Pablo José Ramírez , curator and political theorist, has written an article for the space Cites and Places on the page of the Cisneros Collection, based on European migration to Ecuador and its influence in the architecture and other elements of the country.

Ramirez comments: “Reflecting on the relation between history-aesthetics-politics, I will try, with this text, to sketch, draw and imagine views that come close to the modern and contemporary Ecuador, through different conceptual paths through the pre-Colombian and colonial history.”

In the text there are images of courtesy from artists such as Adrián Balseca, Oswaldo Terreros, and José Falconi, who reflect the artistic and thought-provoking focus that they give to Ecuador and its unfinished modernity.

“This critical approach from contemporary art in Ecuador is not necessarily founded in the logics of “socially compromised art”, nor much less in art that discusses politics, but rather a much wider meaning. These proposals sabotage different places of power: collections, archives, national emblems, normalized identities” (Ramírez, 2016)

Complete article here.