Children from the Fundació Comtal draw the works exhibited in the gallery for "selfie day in museums"

Gallery, 20 January, 2023


Last Wednesday, January 18, the children of the Comtal Foundation, (a non-profit organization that works, since 1994, so that children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations, as well as their families, have opportunities for the future) visited Galeria SENDA on the occasion of “world selfie day in museums”.

Once in the gallery, they were given an explanation of the current exhibition: “Love Song” by the artist Elena Del Rivero. Immediately afterwards, as part of the activity, the children chose one of the works exhibited in the gallery to draw and describe.

Chus Roig, partner and co-founder of the gallery during the explanation with the Fundació Comtal group.

We leave you some of the most outstanding drawings along with their respective work.

Jaume Plensa
Martina (2022)
Madera, 140 x 32 x 44 cm

Túlio Pinto
Complicity #29 (2021)
Acero corten y vidrio, 140 x 40 x 96 cm
Stephan Balkenhol
Man with pink tie (2022)  
Madera, 120 x 95.5 x 11.7 cm
Elena Del Rivero
#102 (2020)
Collage con fragmentos dañados y recuperados de acrílico sobre lienzo, óleo, hilo y tela enyesada sobre tablero de museo, 29 x 23 cm
Evru Zush
Girls Of My Life (1988)
Óleo sobre papel 92 x 184 cm