Stephan Balkenhol and Jaume Plensa talk about Sculptures and Public Space 

Gallery, 19 October, 2017


Stephan Balkenhol and Jaume Plensa talk “Sculptures and Public space” in a dialog about their careers and their interest to foment the sculpture as a value for the society and to the culture.

“It’s a shame that the day only has 24 hours because it’s not enough time to create. We need to have several lives to explore everything we want to do”

Stephan Balkenhol –

“A sculpture is not a problem of objects but it is a ´place´. When you create a sculpture you are creating a place to be” 

Jaume Plensa –

Stephan Balkenhol and Jaume Plensa talk about sculptures and public space.

Moderated by Andrea Fiore.

Galeria SENDA, September 2017.