Isabel Rocamora presents "Ecstatic Solitudes" at the Shaw gallery in The Weber State University in Utah

Gallery, 31 August, 2017


Ecstatic Solitudes brings into dialogue, for the first time in an American gallery space, two celebrated films by British-Spanish artist Isabel Rocamora. Seen in museums and filmothèques worldwide, her large-scale video installations consider the performative language of human gesture and its relationship to individual and cultural identity. The works in this exhibition offer breathtaking imagery that poignantly examines issues of exile, authority and the intimacy of violence.

Set in the historically charged landscape of the Normandy beaches, Body of War (2010) reflects on the transformation of man into soldier. In a rigorous mise-en-scène punctuated by testimonies of retired and serving soldiers, the film deconstructs the visceral act of hand-to-hand combat, affectively immersing the viewer in the relationship between human intimacy and the brutality of war.

Across two enveloping projections, Horizon of exile (2007) stages female identity at the centre of a profound meditation on the underlying cultural causes of displacement. Immersed in vast desert planes and guided by testimonies from the Middle East and Latin America, the diptych reflects on the condition of women within authoritative societies, employing testimonies and choreographed bodies to consider issues of self-image, belonging and effacement.




Opening Reception: September 1 at 7 pm

Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery Utah, U.S.A