Fracis Lisa Ruyter, “Temporada d’Ópera Amics del Liceu”

Off projects. From 12 Sep, 2017 to 01 Oct, 2017

For his 26th edition, the Temporada d’Ópera Amics del Liceu, has selected to the artist Fracis Lisa Ruyter to create the illustration of the óperas

Opening:12 sep, 2017

Professional visitors:12 sep, 2017

Opening to public:12 sep, 2017

Artist/s involved:


Amics del Liceu is preparing the edition of the “Temporada de l’Ópera”‘s book with illustrations by Francis Lisa Ruyter.

Amics del Liceu is a club that was born with the aim to support the activity of the Gran Teatre del Liceu and be a platform for dissemination of opera and music. The annual edition of “Temporada de l’Ópera” has collected national and international firms and works by artists of great prestige who have made illustrations especially for this project including other gallery artists such as Gino Rubert and Jordi Bernadó.

The illustrations  can be seen in the space of galeria Senda after the official opening on September 12 2017 at 7:30pm.