Catalina Jaramillo, Artnou Barcelona 2017

Space. From 05 Sep, 2017 to 01 Oct, 2017

Senda presents the latest work of the Colombian artist Catalina Jaramillo “The words of the optimist” Around the sixth edition of Artnou Barcelona 2017

Opening:05 sep, 2017

Professional visitors:05 sep, 2017

Opening to public:05 sep, 2017

Artist/s involved:
  • Catalina Jaramillo


The new drawing series by Catalina Jaramillo come from a simple exercise: to look on the dictionary of several languages words such as “love”, “death”, “life” and “end”; and interpret, through drawing, the word that comes before and the one that comes after. This search suggests a game where beginning and end belong to the same category: the start of something indicates it will conclude at some point, and the end of something almost always represents rebirth. The path starts from within, where the artist looks into herself and collects those memories that were ruptures within a particular time: the end of infancy, the beginning of love, where it started and where a certain story ends. The tone of the drawings aims to create certain tension between reality and fiction, unfolded images from the subconscious mind that replicate a personal mythology.

In 2016 Catalina Jaramillo was  the winner of the scholarship Fraternidad Medellin Fundation – Casa Tres Patios, which allowed her a residence curated by José Roca to the school FLORA arts + natura.

Catalina Jaramillo, Finalidad, 2017, Ink and watercolor on paper, 30 x 42 cm
Catalina Jaramillo , Amoque, watercolor on paper, 30 x 42 cm
Catalina Jaramillo , Amoque, watercolor on paper, 30 x 42 cm