12 and 19.12.17: Coming and going roads: Joan Ponç, exploring bridges between Latin America and Europe

Gallery, 4 December, 2017


The importance of an active and positive feedback between them. 

Dr Margareth dos Santos (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil) introduce A cartography of friendships where suggest a deeper reading on the stay and production of the Catalan artist during his active decade in Brazil. Her postdoctoral research supports an organic look open to dialogue around the artistic production of Ponç in Brazil. 

On his behalf, Jose Luis Corazon Ardura, Phd in Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature and Phd of Philosophy by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, propose a rapprochement to Ponç’s work beneath the poetic perspective of his production: The dark night. Notes about poetry of  de Joan Ponç.

“A cartography of friendship” 
Tuesday , December 12nd  2017 at  18:30h.
Galeria Senda

Foto Mar 2

“The dark night. Notes about poetry of Joan Ponç” 
Tuesday, December 19th 2017 at 18:30h.
Galeria Senda